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This past week we were  down south teaching local students from Satun and Songkhla to make a short film.  It was part of the ministry of culture’s outreach program to support alternative voices.  The directing instructor was Tip.  Here she is sitting behind the monitor.  She also helped to write the script, which is called Take/Know/Low/ยี้, about two sisters in a traditional Islamic school.


Here are our two sisters, Amina and Aisa.  Amina is in 7th grade and Aisa is in 11th grade. They go to Samakee Islam Wittaya School in Satun.  The crew members were made up of students from this school as well Rajamangala Sriwichai Technical College in Songkhla. We shot for four days in the school, the streets, the market, and a house that belonged to one of the students.


This is a scene when the students go to pray.  Following tradition, the students pray five times a day, and two of those are during school hours: at 12 noon and 4pm.  So we waited until the actual prayer time to shoot.  All the students paired with an instructor for each of the main positions: directing, cinematography, sound, production design, and production management.


Here is everyone setting up to shoot in the house.  It rained really hard and Satun got flooded like many other provinces around the country.  Because of this, our production was delayed as we got flooded right out of our hotel.  There we are standing in the street waiting for the boat to come and get us.  It never came.  So we walked through the water and got bit by some weird water animals.


In the end, we made it out of there with a complete film.  Now starts the editing!

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