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Thai Films in Korea


The Busan Film Festival has been a great supporter of Thai filmmakers.  That sounds very run of the mill right?  Like something you read in a press release.  Well, let’s put it this way:  if someone asked “who’s yo daddy?” we would say “Busan”.  That’s the truth of it, and its no exaggeration as the festival has had a hand in almost every recent Thai independent film.

This month, to commemorate our friendship, the ACF (Asian Cinema Fund)  is organizing a limited release of four of our films.  They are Eternity, Mundane History, Wonderful Town, and Uncle Boonmee.  The first three were all completed with the ACF post-production grant, while the fourth won the Palme d’Or, so nobody’s gonna argue with that.

The ACF is in its fifth year and the fund is now expanding its role to include distribution.  It is an honor that out of all the films they have supported over the years, they have chosen to start their distribution arm with Thai films.  If anybody is going to be in Seoul, please come by and say hello.  Juke and Karn will be there to meet the audience on Oct 22 and 23.

Here is the schedule:

Oct 20-26: Theatre Cinecode Sonje (Seoul)

Early Nov: Bucheon Cultural Cinematheque (Bucheon)

Late Nov: Indiplus (Seoul)

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