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After a bunch of people kept asking about it, we finally decided to open our own Pop Pictures Facebook page.  This site will remain as the official website, with like, official info.  And our Facebook page will have daily news and stupid stuff (because our daily news is sometimes kind of stupid).  Please follow us there!

2013 is the Year of June


Nawapol and Aditya have just spent half of January in chilly Venice, taking part in the first edition of the Biennale College.  Under the framework of the Venice Biennale, the College is a new initiative to give professional training to young artists in their chosen field.  The program has begun with Cinema and there are plans to expand it to Music and the other arts in the coming years.  Lucky for us, we were invited to attend.

Biennale College Cinema’s focus is on creating micro-budget projects.  The two week workshop we attended covered both creative and producing aspects of film making.  We developed our new project entitled The Year of June, which is a “digital adaptation” of an anonymous school girl’s  yearlong Twitter stream.  When you spend as much time surfing internet as Nawapol and Aditya do, you think of weird ideas like this.

At the end of the two weeks, we were one of the three teams chosen to attend a second workshop in February, with the project funded by the College to be produced this summer and premiered at the Venice Film Festival in the fall.  Thanks to all our mentors, colleagues, and friends we met in Venice for helping develop the project to the point where it actually like, makes sense.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

We will be updating from Venice next month with more news and pictures and stuff…

0 degrees Rotterdam


Time to freeze our faces off in Rotterdam again.  The reason the world-famous festival is held in the end of January must be because there isn’t much else to do in Rotterdam when its 0 degrees outside.  Thankfully, there are movies in this world, which beats ice fishing, or snow trekking, or bum beating, or whatever Dutch people do in the winter to have fun.

This year, for the first time, there are two Thai films in the Tiger competition.  Our own 36 by Nawapol and Karaoke Girl by Visra Vichit-Vadakan.  And besides that, Anocha did the Hubert Bals leader film where you can see 10 chicks wearing body suits, Wichanon has a project in Cinemart, and Pimpaka has a short film in the shorts competition.

Anybody going to the festival, please come hang out with us.  Can find the Thais any night before 9pm at Tai Wu Chinese Restaurant, after 9pm in Nawapol’s room drinking vodka and fist fighting.

See you there!

Happy New Year 2013!


A big thank you to all our clients, partners, crews, friends, and supporters for another wonderful year!

Our current projects :

36 (Rotterdam Film Festival)
The Year of June (Venice Cinema College)
The White Buffalo (in development)
Arunkarn (in development)

If you look closely, 36 just won an award


36 wins the New Talent Award from the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival!  In case you haven’t seen it, 36 is a little people walking around lonely landscape movie.  In fact…it looks a lot like the publicity photo above.  That’s one thing we always have to remind ourselves: “You can make a little people walking around lonely landscape movie, just don’t make your publicity photo in the same style.”  Seems like we forgot again.  Yep.  Just can’t wait to move back another ten meters, get some nice cinema seats in the foreground,  bunch of blurry people with their backs turned, give the audience the dignity to focus on what they want.  Yep.  Hep.  Ahem.

Congratulations to Nawapol (he’s down there somewhere) and Pacharin (she took the fantastic photo) who were on hand to receive the award!

Picture #37


36 won the New Currents and FIPRESCI Awards at Busan!   Woo-hoo!

In the words of Nawapol, “I walked on stage and saw a sea of people, so I thought I better take a photo of everyone.  I asked permission from the crowd.  I had no idea what the answer was, but after the translator spoke, people started waving, so I took out my iPhone and snapped the photo.  Even though the hard disk with this photo might crash one day, I think I’ll remember this image forever.  Thank you to everyone”.

Thanks to all the juries at BIFF.  36 begins its festival tour now…stay tuned homeys

October in Busan


Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  When BIFF rolls around, we close our office and head off to the breezy shores of Haeundae beach to drink soju, make fun of other filmmakers, and basically give Thai people a bad name.  This year, along with the heavy presence of Thai movies, are also a few that we are involved with.  There’s 36, which we co-produced, in the New Currents competition.  And there’s Oriole, which Aditya produced, in the shorts competition.

Soros will be there along with directors Nawapol, Kaynipa, and the rest of the Pop Pictures crew.  Please come by and say hello at one of our screenings.

Buffaloes in Rotterdam


The White Buffalo, our new project, is invited to the Cinemart, which is the project market of the Rotterdam Film Festival.  Project markets are fun because you get to attend a film festival but not have to deal with the stress of actually having a film screening there.  You just go and talk talk talk about a film you one day hope to make.  That’s really really really easy.

This Rotterdam will be especially fun as there are a lot of Thai people going.  Two local films are screening: In April the following Year there was a Fire by Wichanon Somumjarn and I Carried you Home by Tongpong Chantarangkul.  Congratulations to both and don’t stress out.  We’ll be sitting in the back eating popcorn, drinking beer, and cheering you on.

Khon Thai Rulez!

From Satun to Clermont


Take/Know/Low/Yee, the short film we shot in Satun with local students is making its world premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France!  It is the largest film festival in the world that’s dedicated to short films.  Our film is in the International Competition, one of only 85 chosen from over 6,000 entries.  It’s easier to get into Harvard.

Anyway, if we had known that we would be going to Clermont, we would’ve taken some nice photos to make a poster.  But we didn’t because after ten years of making films, we’re still pretty dumb most of the time.  In fact, come to think of it, we might be the first film ever invited to Clermont that has no official photo.  So up there is our wrap photo instead.

Anybody going to Clermont, please go watch our slice of life from Satun.

Here are the show times:


Happy New Year 2012!


Thank you all our friends, partners, clients, for a wonderful year.  See you in 2012!

Our upcoming projects:

The White Buffalo (Cinemart 2012)

Arun Karn


Take/Know/Low/Yee (Clermont-Ferrand 2012)