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PIFF Day 1: Pooh conquers the world


The Pop Pictures team is off to Pusan tonight!  This weekend will see the world premiere of both our films, Hi-So and Eternity.  It will be the culmination of a year of hard work by everyone at the company.  But first, practical concerns.  We gotta make sure everyone makes it safely to Korea.

Everyone is on a different flight.  Ping and Pooh are on Korean Air, direct flight to Pusan.  Tongdee is on Thai Airways, also direct to Pusan, because he gets the 75% discount that comes from being the son of Thai Airways parents.  Karn unfortunately, must change planes in Seoul.

This is not as simple as it sounds, not just a matter of walking from gate A to gate B.  No.  To change flights in Seoul, he must also change airports, from Incheon International to Gimpo domestic.  Then he must fly to Pusan’s Gimhae.  To add to the confusion, Karn speaks no English.

But forget Karn, he is of no interest right now.  Today, the star attraction is pretty Pooh, our production manager.  This is Pooh’s first trip to a foreign country.  The first trip outside of the homeland.  What a lovely moment!  Do you remember the first time you stepped foot into a foreign land?  No, you don’t.

So Pooh’s all packed and ready to go.  She’s got a new jacket, new slacks, new glasses, new Gucci bag, ready to conquer the world.  Her flight’s at 2AM and she arrived to Suvarnabhumi at 8PM.  She said she wanted to be on the safe side.  Heh heh.  Here’s to you Pooh.  Have fun and always be on the safe side girl.  Bon Voyage!


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