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Keng in Paris 5: Everyone we know

Keng and Pooh are currently in Paris to visit Karn at the Cannes Residency.  Here are some excerpts from his diary.


“My routine has become museum hopping during the day and restaurant hopping at night.  The other day I wandered through the Louvre.   I didn’t have much time so I just tried to catch the necessary stuff.  Mona lisa?  Check.  Venus de Milo?  Check.  Liberty leading the people?  Check.  Speaking of liberty and people, I’m reminded of our own elections and how the road ahead will pan out for us.  Even being here, our thoughts are never far from home.”


“It’s rainy here, but even with the grey skies, Paris is filled with beauty.  I spend most days alone, meeting up with Karn and Pooh for dinner.  The other night we went to a Japanese buffet owned by a Lao guy.  He served us some amazing sushi which was the best 15 euros I ever spent.  At night, we take the train home and drink beer.  Living in this foreign land has made us all reflective.  We talk of the future, of ourselves, and of everyone we know.”

~ by admin on July 7, 2011.

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