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Keng in Paris 6: Last Days

Keng and Pooh are currently in Paris to visit Karn at the Cannes Residency.  Here are some excerpts from his diary:


“The last day of my trip has arrived.  Today we took a walk to the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery to visit the grave of Francois Truffaut.  I don’t know why we waited until the last day as it’s only a ten minute walk from the Residency.  Anyway, we arrived at four and the place closed at five so we only had an hour to find the gravestone.  There was a map, but it didn’t help much.  When we did find the spot however, it was a fitting resting place for Truffaut.  Simple but classic.”


“After that we walked around Montmartre and listened to a jazz band fill the night air with music.  At around 2am the rain started to fall and it was time to call it a night.  I only got a few hours sleep as I was up at dawn to finish packing.  Seeing me off to the airport, Karn said ‘I wish I was going home too’.  Though Pooh is staying with him another week, inside, I think Karn is already saying his goodbyes.  This is the last photo I took of them.  See you soon little brother”.

~ by admin on July 13, 2011.

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