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If you look closely, 36 just won an award


36 wins the New Talent Award from the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival!  In case you haven’t seen it, 36 is a little people walking around lonely landscape movie.  In fact…it looks a lot like the publicity photo above.  That’s one thing we always have to remind ourselves: “You can make a little people walking around lonely landscape movie, just don’t make your publicity photo in the same style.”  Seems like we forgot again.  Yep.  Just can’t wait to move back another ten meters, get some nice cinema seats in the foreground,  bunch of blurry people with their backs turned, give the audience the dignity to focus on what they want.  Yep.  Hep.  Ahem.

Congratulations to Nawapol (he’s down there somewhere) and Pacharin (she took the fantastic photo) who were on hand to receive the award!

~ by admin on November 19, 2012.

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