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2013 is the Year of June


Nawapol and Aditya have just spent half of January in chilly Venice, taking part in the first edition of the Biennale College.  Under the framework of the Venice Biennale, the College is a new initiative to give professional training to young artists in their chosen field.  The program has begun with Cinema and there are plans to expand it to Music and the other arts in the coming years.  Lucky for us, we were invited to attend.

Biennale College Cinema’s focus is on creating micro-budget projects.  The two week workshop we attended covered both creative and producing aspects of film making.  We developed our new project entitled The Year of June, which is a “digital adaptation” of an anonymous school girl’s  yearlong Twitter stream.  When you spend as much time surfing internet as Nawapol and Aditya do, you think of weird ideas like this.

At the end of the two weeks, we were one of the three teams chosen to attend a second workshop in February, with the project funded by the College to be produced this summer and premiered at the Venice Film Festival in the fall.  Thanks to all our mentors, colleagues, and friends we met in Venice for helping develop the project to the point where it actually like, makes sense.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

We will be updating from Venice next month with more news and pictures and stuff…

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