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The Sigh

The Sigh


THE SIGH (2005)

Short Film, DV, 25 minutes




Sarawut Panta

Sivaroj Kongsakul

Boonsong Nakphu

Laksanawadee Konsungdee




Director: Aditya Assarat

Script: Aditya Assarat

Producer: Soros Sukhum

Production Manager: Piyada Temmeesri

Director of Photography: Phumin Chinaradee

Soundman: Pisanu Zubzin

Editor: Aditya Assarat

Music: Kittirat Thamprajumjit




A soundman goes to record sounds in an abandoned building.  When he gets home he discovers a mysterious woman’s sigh on the tape.  The next day he goes back to find the owner of the sigh. 


The Sigh was commissioned by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation in a collection of short films made for children.  It is the second part of the Boy Genius Trilogy.



Festival Screenings:

2006 Thai Film Foundation Short Film Festival

2006 Thai Takes 3 NYC


Objectifs Films: http://objectifsfilms.com