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705/1 Sukhumvit 55

705/1 Sukhumvit 55


705/1 SUKHUMVIT 55 (2003)

Short Documentary, DV, 5 minutes




Director: Aditya Assarat

Script: Aditya Assarat

Producer: Aditya Assarat

Director of Photography: Phumin Chinaradee

Editor: Aditya Assarat




This short documentary was made as part of the “Postcard Series” commissioned by the Substation in Singapore as part of the 2003 Asian Film Symposium.  Four filmmakers were asked to present a portrait of “home”.  705/1 Sukhumvit 55 is a recollection of my home.  Though the house is still there today, everything else is different…




2002 Substation Asian Film Symposium Screening

2002 Singapore Shorts Festival

2003 Hong Kong IFVA Awards

2003 Thai Film Foundation Short Film Festival

2004 Tokyo Short Shorts Film Festival

2004 Pusan Asian Short Film Festival

2005 Mar Del Plata Film Festival