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Dreamchaser Season 1


DC Season 1



Television Series, 12 Episodes x 30 minutes

Aired on Channel ITV March-May 2007




Sukie Clapp




Kamala Sukosol

Manus Boonjamnong

Ananda Everingham

Palmy Pancharoen

Soraida Salwala

Vikrom Kromadit

Gap T-Bone




Director: Aditya Assarat

Producer: Soros Sukhum, Jetnipith Teerakulchanyut

Production Manager: Piyada Temmeesri, Laksanawadee Konsungdee

Director of Photography: Phumin Chinaradee
Assistant Camera: Krissada Prakobkarn

Soundman: Sarawut Panta

Editor: Aditya Assarat, Krissada Prakobkarn

Graphic Design: Prachanan Dangniam




Dreamchaser is a documentary in the form of a travelogue.  Sukie (Kamol Clapp), the founder of the Bakery Music label, sold his company in 2005.  At the age of thirty-five, he suddenly found himself with nothing to do. Dreamchaser is about Sukie traveling cross-country on a BMW motorcycle, something he always wanted to do, in search of himself and his next path in life.  Along the way, he meets up with guests, some celebrities, some regular folks, who are all pursuing their own dreams.