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Thann Reborn

Thann Reborn


REBORN (2005)

Concept Video




THANN Co. Ltd.






Cerise Leang




Director: Aditya Assarat

Script: Aditya Assarat

Producer: Sirote Toolsuk

Production Manager: Soros Sukhum, Jetnipith Teerakulchanyut

Production Assistant: Piyada Temmeesri

Director of Photography: Umpornpol Yugala

Production Designer: Karanyapas Khamsil

Editor: Aditya Assarat

Music: Sirote Toolsuk

Computer Graphics: Kabansai Co. Ltd.



REBORN is a short concept video made for the beauty products company THANN. In the video, life begins from a cocoon, which transforms into a butterfly, which transforms into a woman.